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Opus: Anima

From Latin;

Opus - “work, effort, product of labor, work of art”

Anima - “a current of air, wind, breath, life, soul, the vital principle.”

the vital principle..


Genius Loci

“Spirit of the place.”

The protecting spirit, the muse, the coming togetherness of unlikely elements at one particular location.

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Kieran Brownie

From high angle photography to on-the-ground photo journalism and everything in between; Kierans approach is to find the essence, the simplest response, that which arises when we let go of expectation and give in to the conversation..


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Commercial Clients: Arcteryx, Oakley, Foehn Apparel, Karakoram, Sender Films,

Editorial Clients: Mountain Life: Coast Mountains, Gripped, Alpinist, Transworld Snow, Snowboard Canada, Rock & Ice, Backcountry Skier.

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