Behind The Scenes: Deep Winter 2019

At the end of last summer I over did it while running and re-injured an old knee injury, the tear in my meniscus caused my knee to lose the ability to extend fully so I limped around with a half-cocked leg for a few weeks until -on Sep 14th 2018- I went under the knife. It was odd to be familiar with the experience even if it had been almost 8 years since the first injury..

When I got the call to participate in the 13th annual Deep Winter Photo Challenge, sometime in November, I couldn’t resist. Well I could have actually.. but my mind decided it wanted to take on the seemingly impossible task of shooting skiing and snowboarding, while not being able to ski or snowboard myself.

i spent the better part of December calculating and planning my options based off of memory and the ever useful resource of Google Earth, still I can’t deny that I was losing my shit the day the contest started, that odious feeling that you have dreamed up a problem that might be too big to solve but you are now too deep into it to back out..

Seeing as you, the reader, have also found yourself too deep in this post to back out here’s a little treat for all your hard work! Password is: deepbrinter

Luckily I had the worlds best crew(Rupert Davies, Thomas Roszypalek, Brin Alexander, Ryan Paterson, Skyler Flavelle and Dave MacKinnon) so we were able to keep morale at an all time high even while facing the photographers curse of 40% success..

It’s so easy to forget that it’s supposed to be hard, and that if it weren’t hard.. it would be easy? So get going and find something you can dig your teeth into - just be careful that it doesn’t bite back!!

I’d be lying if this wasn’t a fun process, so here’s a video of a few of the shareable shenanigans that went into making the slideshow..